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苏州东邦广告设计工作室是一家专业从事广告设计、广告制作及展览设计搭建的苏州广告设计公司。2005年成立至今,业绩蒸蒸日上,由于服务热诚,设计新颖,深获日,英,美,德各国外商青睐,成为我司业务主要来源, 我公司由设计服务出发,扩及广告设计、制作领域。

我们始终保持最优的服务能力和最强的竞争优势,不断创新服务,真正做好最佳合作伙伴的职业角色;我们秉承 ”以人为本,以市场为命脉,以专业服务为中心” 的服务理念。注重与客户进行有效的沟通,深入了解客户需求,尊重及力求实现客户的期望,为客户提供高水准、专业、个性化及贴切的设计服务。


Suzhou dongbrand advertising design studio is a professional advertising design, advertising and exhibition design and construction of the Suzhou advertising design company. Since its establishment in 2005, booming performance, due to the dedicated service, innovative design, the deep Japan, Britain, the United States, Germany and foreign countries favored to become the main source of our business, our departure from the design services, expansion and advertising design, production fields.

We always keep the best service ability and the strongest competitive edge, innovative service that truly do the best partner for professional roles; we uphold the “people-oriented, market as the lifeline to professional services centric” service concept. Focus on effective communication with customers, in-depth understanding of customer needs, respect and strive to achieve customer expectations, providing customers with high quality, professional, personalized and appropriate design services.

Support services for the complete energy, strengthen personal service capabilities, we continue to introduce new design concepts and improve product design and production capacity, Suzhou major companies to provide high-quality advertising services.


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  • Room 1704, Yuanrong Building, Wansheng Street

  • Suzhou Industrial Park

  • Jiangsu Province

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Customized installation services for identity signs and wayfinding system signs